Perfect Microfiber Towel for Yoga and Pilates

Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel (Mint Towel/Gray Stitching, 24" x 72")

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NON-SLIP & SKID-LESS: Does sweating turn your yoga mat into a Slip and Slide? Our yoga towels grip best when wet making them perfect for your Bikram or Hot yoga sessions. Stay grounded, focused, and in perfect balance during your practice.

SUPER ABSORBENT & QUICK DRYING: Made of plush, lightweight Microfiber, Youphoria Yoga towels are made to absorb 7X their weight in water. Just wash on cold after each sweaty use, and pop them in the dryer to be good to go, again, in no time.

EXTEND MAT LIFE & REDUCE BACTERIA RISK: Over time, excessive sweat build-up can turn your yoga mat into a funky, bacteria-laden nightmare. Our towels add a hygienic layer between you and your (or loaner) mat. You’ll never fear that studio mat, again.

PERFECT SIZE: Our hot yoga towel is the perfect size for any yoga mat. At, 24 x 72 inches, it also makes a full-sized travel companion. Just toss it in your carry-on or back-pack and enjoy practicing in your hotel room.

SILICONE-FREE TECHNOLOGY: The tacky fibers of our microfiber, when wet, grip your yoga mat and your skin, preventing dangerous slipping, without the use of synthetic products like silicone or latex.


Born in 2012, in Atlanta, GA, Youphoria Yoga, the sister brand of Youphoria Outdoors, is the brainchild of two longtime friends and yogis, Brendan and Sean, who, on a whim, quit their corporate jobs and cashed out their life savings to start their dream of owning their own business.

Frustrated with slipping in hot yoga, Brendan set out on a mission to develop a yoga towel that would keep him safe while practicing. After many trials, the two developed their infamous Hot Yoga Towel: comfortable, affordable, silicone-free, and most importantly effective at preventing slipping.

Now based in Portland, OR, Brendan and Sean have built a small team, all the while harnessing their passion into their products and providing the ultimate yoga experience. Youphoria Yoga continues their commitment to their customer, and remains focused on creating and designing Products for the Pursuit of Happiness.

The Youphoria Yoga Hot Yoga Towel

  • Ideal for Hot Yoga and Non-Hot Yoga
  • Adds a Hygienic Layer between you and your mat
  • Super Absorbent & Machine Washable
  • Silicone-Free Anti-Slip Technology
  • Full Size - 24" x 72"
  • Available in a Multitude of Colors

So many great features packed in one beautiful towel.

  • Super Absorbent
  • Slip Resistant Microfiber
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Perfect Size
  • Latex Free

Available in Beautiful Colors...

Silicone-free Technology

To protect the integrity of the environment, it was important to us that our yoga towel be silicone free. The tacky fibers of our microfiber, when wet, grip your yoga mat and your skin, preventing dangerous slipping.

Incredibly Comfortable on the Skin...